Archenhold-Observatory, Berlin 2011


Friday, 26th August:

As from 15:00 the registration desk in the entrance hall of the observatory will be open.
Registration will be possible during the whole evening.

18:00 In the garden of the observatory a come together barbeque will start.
If the weather conditions will be satisfactory, observations through the telescopes will be possible in the evening. Thus, our BBQ is planned to be open end.

Saturday, 27th August:

09:00 Opening ceremony

09:15 Opening Lecture I: Exploring the solar system beyond Neptune with stellar occultations, Bruno Sicardy, Paris.
Public lecture, held in the "Einstein Saal" (Einstein hall, i.e. the large lecture room).

10:15 Coffee break

10:45 Opening Lecture II: Transit timing of exoplanets by space and earth telescopes, Szilard Csizmadia, DLR, Berlin.
Public lecture, held in the Einstein Saal.

14:00 - 18:00 Lectures and discussions in the "Hörsaal II" (small lecture room) of the observatory:

Pluto and TNOs
chairman: Wolfgang Beisker
Felipe Braga-Ribas: Predictions for TNOs
Marcelo Assafin: Astrometry of TNOs by the RIO team
Hans-Joachim Bode: Pluto-occultations June 2011 from Maui
Bruno Sicardy: Lessons learned from the Hydra Event
chairman: Konrad Guhl
Mike Kretlow: On the reduction of asteroidal occultations
Wolfgang Rothe: Occultations by minor planets – Where should one observe?
Claus-Peter Heidmann: Occultations by Antiope and Makemake
Eberhard Bredner: The Herculean Pillars – chasing the shadows of Antiope
Alexander Pratt: (42) Isis on 3rd May 2011
Harrie Rutten: Probability of observing a positve asteroidal occultation

There will be coffee breaks, a small lunch and a guided visit through the observatory in English as well as in German.

20:00 Social dinner in a selected restaurant.

Sunday, 28th August:

09:00 - 19:00 Lectures, discussions and workshops in the "Hörsaal II" of the observatory:

The Moon
chairman: Eberhard Bredner
Carles Schnabel: Grazing double star occultations
Roman Kostenko: Occultation observations in Poltava (focussed on historical lunar occultations)
Eberhard Riedel: GRAZEPREP – Preparing grazing occultation observations
Jan Manek: 2010 total occultations statistics for Europe
Konrad Guhl: The lunar atmosphere
tba The Value of Lunar Occultations – Presentation by David Dunham
Occultation Phenomena and other projects
chairman: Jan Manek
Apostolos Christou: Pro-Am observations of mutual events between the Galilean satellites during the PHEMU09 campaign from Greece
Myriam Pajuelo: Peruvian astronomical projects
Tom Alderweireldt 2010 Easter Island eclipse images
Konrad Guhl: Baily's Beads
Andrea Raponi: The measurement of Limb Darkening Function with the eclipse observation
New technologies
chairman: Mike Kretlow
Gerhard Dangl EXposure Time Analyzer - EXTA
Wolfgang Beisker: Comparison of CCD cameras
Pawel Maksym: Remote observations of occultations
ESOP History and future
chairman: Wolfgang Beisker
tba ESOP and other remarks - Open Discussion
Jan Manek: How to use WINOCCULT
Wolfgang Beisker: Workshop about practical camera evaluation

The day includes coffee breaks and a small lunch.

After 19:15 it will be possible to meet in a restaurant close to the observatory.

Programme for accompanying persons

On Saturday and Sunday there is a special programme for accompanying persons to explore Berlin. It will be organised and conducted by Elke Guhl and Annette Wünsche.
If you have any suggestions for this programme don't hesitate to contact us. Annette and Elke will try to include your ideas.

The fee for accompanying persons includes BBQ on Friday and social Dinner on Saturday. It is possible to talk to Elke and Annette on that occasions as well.

Additional group trips

Monday, 29th August:

Full day coach trip to observatories and some historical places in Potsdam, including lunch.
Price will be approximately 40,- € per person. The exact price will be available in July 2011.
› Einstein Tower
› Great Refractor
› Großer Refraktor (german)

Tuesday, 30th August :

Full day coach trip in Berlin. We will first have a special lecture in the largest planetarium in Europe, followed by a sightseeing tour. After lunch we will continue with the sightseeing tour and will visit the second largest public observatory in Berlin, the Wilhelm-Foerster-Sternwarte (guided visit in English and German language).
The total price will be approximately 50,- € per person. The exact price will be available in July 2011.

Wednesday, 31st August :

Full day coach trip in the area around Berlin. We will visit the meteorologic observatory in Lindenberg. Lunch (included in the fee) will be in a restaurant nearby. After lunch we will go for a hike in the Brandenburg forest.
The price will be approximately 47,- € per person. The exact price will be available in July 2011.