Archenhold-Observatory, Berlin 2011


The following people have already announced their presence at the ESOP:

Name Country Lecture
Tom Alderweireldt Belgium 2010 Easter Island Eclipse Images
Sven Andersson Germany -
Marcelo Assafin Brazil Astrometry of TNOs by the RIO Team
Wolfgang Beisker Germany Workshop about camera evaluation on sunday
Hans-Joachim Bode,
accompanied by Brigitte Thome.
Germany Pluto-Occultations June 2011
Felipe Braga-Ribas,
accompanied by Giovana Santos Righi.
France -
Stephan Böttcher,
accompanied by Petra Kleinewördemann.
Germany -
Apostolos Christou United Kingdom Pro-Am observations of mutual events between the Galilean satellites during the PHEMU09 campaign from Greece
Claudio Costa,
accompanied by Carla Francini and others.
Italy -
Dr. Szilárd Csizmadia Germany Transit timing of exoplanets by space and earth telescopes (opening lecture)
Gerhard Dangl Austria Exposure Time Analyzer - EXTA
Martin Dentel Germany -
Eberhard H. R. Dr. Bredner Germany -
Helmut Dr.Denzau Germany -
Andreas Eberle Germany -
Peter Enskonatus,
accompanied by Angela Müller.
Germany -
Leonard Entwisle United Kingdom -
Peter Eppich Deutschland -
Otto Faragó Germany -
Edwin Goffin Belgium -
Konrad Guhl,
accompanied by Elke Guhl and others.
Germany The lunar atmosphere
Martina Haupt Germany -
Tim Haymes United Kingdom -
Claus-Peter Heidmann Germany Occultations by Antiope 2009 and Makemake 2011
Peter Hein Germany -
Chuck Herold USA -
Oliver Klös Germany -
Roman Kostenko Ukraine Occultation observations in Poltava (focused to historical lunar occultations)
Mike Kretlow Germany On the reduction of asteroidal occultations (working title)
J Lampert Levy,
accompanied by Joanne Levy.
United States -
Peter Lindner Germany -
Paul-Georg Majev Germany -
Pawel Maksym Poland Remote observations of occultations
Jan Manek Czech Republic -
Karsten Markus Germany -
Erick Meza Perú -
Volker Neubert Germany -
Wim Nobel The Netherlands -
Myriam Pajuelo Peru -
Marco Peuschel Germany -
Alexander Pratt United Kingdom (42) Isis on 3rd May, 2011 (Provisional title)
Vaclav Priban Czech republic -
Andrea Raponi Italy The measurement of Limb Darkening Function with the eclipse observation
Wolfgang Rothe,
accompanied by Gisela Rothe.
Germany Occultations by Minor Planets - Where should one observe?
Harrie Rutten The Netherlands -
Carles Schnabel Spain Grazing double star occultations
Prof. Bruno Sicardy France Exploring the solar system beyond Neptune with stellar occultations (opening lecture)
Andreas Tegtmeier,
accompanied by Carmen Tegtmeier.
Germany -
Astrid Heidi Teuscher-Faragó Germany -
Vagelis Tsamis,
accompanied by Kyriaki Tigani and others.
Greece -
Karsten Walzel Germany -
Christian Wennmacher Germany -
Guido Wortmann,
accompanied by Steffi Hein.
Germany -
Nikolai Wuensche,
accompanied by Annette Wuensche.
Germany -
Hans-Jürgen Wulfrath Germany -